1. squirrelproductions's Avatar
    Specifically, I'm looking for apps that streamline the portal suggestion process.

    For portal suggestions, I currently have to:
    1. click home/switch to launch camera app
    2. take picture with camera app
    3. click home/switch to gallery app
    4. select picture
    5. share with NIA Ops
    6. click submit within email app

    I know that it only takes a couple of steps, but if there was a single app or framework that allowed for 1-click to:
    1. take picture and share to NIA via email
    2. verify submission within email app

    Any apps or framework for such a process? Or maybe my process is not streamlined enough; I'm open to suggestions as well.

    Speaking of streamlining/support apps, I am also looking for any suggestions on how to have multiple profiles for when in Ingress vs. not in Ingress. For example, when I'm using Ingress, I set my camera resolution to lowest (for smaller email submission), increase screen brightness (since am out in daylight/sunlight mostly), increase display sleep interval, and turn on my gps. But when I'm not using Ingress, I want my default profile: camera at highest res, lowered screen brightness, 30 sec display sleep interval and gps off. Are there any apps that will allow me to switch these between these profiles with 1-click? The profile apps that I have seen on the Play Store can handle the screen brightness and gps, but usually not camera res and display sleep interval. Are there any that can modify all four of these settings?

    01-16-2013 03:15 PM
  2. sledge007's Avatar
    Open your camera, take your picture, click on the thumbnail (of taken picture), click the expanded picture, tap share, tap super-ops (niantic logo). Your switching to gallery app isn't necessary, by the way. As far as I know there is no "One step take a picture and submit to Ingress app". You should be getting a reply from submitted pictures directly from Google that looks like this:

    Jan 15 (2 days ago)
    to me
    Thank you for submitting your Portal suggestion to Ingress. We will review this candidate to verify XM concentration and ensure it meets our Portal submission guidelines. After additional processing, we will send you a follow-up message about your submission. This may take a few weeks."
    When I go out submitting portals, I tackle an entire area, and comb it. New Portal Submissions - Ingress Help (and follow these guidelines so I'm not wasting my time)....meaning I usually also leave my camera on, and I submit them as I'm taking them, not later. I've submitted over 100 portals in the last week, and am counting on a 75% rejection rate based on another player's experience.
    01-17-2013 06:15 AM

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