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  1. starleaf1's Avatar
    I know it's kinda too far-fetched. But in my humble yet really excited opinion, it would be cool! Think about it, the story of the Niantic Project has all the things a great sci-fi has:
    • An agency which is supposed to be shut down years ago, yet still active and is researching supernatural phenomenon with CERN involved.
    • Two rogue agents on the run, one of them has been killed.
    • An artificial intelligence so advanced, capable of detecting the subtlest changes in someone's psyche. Also has a high enough authority to issue an order to kill a human being.
    • A mind-affecting plot device based on quantum physics. One of the most discussed branch of physics these days.
    • Two factions warring over the said plot device. One of them tries to spread it, while the other tries to clean the world of it (ironically with techs constructed out of it)
    • And most importantly, an interdimensional big bad/supreme leader, capable of defying space and time, and screwing up with electronics.

    Could somebody obtain the necessary rights, and make a movie, or a TV series based on Ingress? The movie/series could follow a regular joe agent, or the rogue agent mentioned above.

    Well, probably not. It's just a wishful thinking. I'm sorry I took your precious time.
    02-14-2013 07:34 AM

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