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    Ok so I recently upgraded to my first smart phone about a week ago, and I had decided prior to buying that I would want to root my phone. I've played with the phone and have gotten familiar with it, and began rooting today. I've researched a bit about it, and found that the "How to properly root your Inspire.." video is outdated and I was redirected to the xda thread titled "(All new...HTC Inspire/DHD Hack Kit v11"). I downloaded the kit, and followed the instructions to the best I could, but being completely new to rooting & smartphones I got stuck, as I don't understand many of the terms used or anything really. I've spent two hours researching and piecing together what each step means but it is becoming very tedious.

    Issues(so far):
    - I'm getting stuck on the "Downgrade" portion of the instructions. It says to start the RUU process, but I have no clue what that is. I looked up RUU(ROM Upgrade Utility) and it's definition, but it didn't really explain too much on what I am supposed to do (as well as the "downgrade rom" portion too).

    - Are the instructions meant to be run through the Hack Kit Folder? For example, there is an application in: Kit>tools>win>fastboot, and a step that asks me to fastboot, am I supposed to somehow use that application? Or just reboot the phone manually?

    - After I place the goldcard .img file in the designated folder, it says to "Move the files to your phone" (How To Root HTC Inspire 4G Smartphone - Flashing ROM [Step 15]), but my phone isn't showing up to place it anywhere. I'm guessing I should paste it manually?

    I'm not trying to be a noob, I'm just new to this whole process. And I have done a lot of my own research, but I can only comprehend so much at a time. Many people posted that they easily rooted, but it's been very difficult so far. I was reading about "Simple One Click Processes", but am not sure if that is "outdated" or if it is different from rooting this seemingly more complicated way. If anywone could help me out, then I'd appreciate it(:
    07-25-2011 03:36 AM
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    First off. The instructions in the link you are using are are outdated. They are for an older version of the hack kit. v11 is menu driven and already includes the sound fix. Only use what is in the effen manual in the zip file. The effen manual can be confusing because it mainly describes what the program is going to do mixed with what the user needs to do. User interaction is minimal. The most important thing is what needs to be done pre running the program, having good USB drivers, HTC sync and all antivirus and malware detection fully disabled, phone in USB debugging and charge only mode. Once you have a good gold card, it is just a matter of selecting the menu number in the program and putting the phone back into the proper mode each time it reboots.

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    07-25-2011 08:52 AM

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