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    So I rooted my HTC Inspire using Hack Ace Kit. Than I flashed a custom HTC Sense 3.0 ROM. I decided it was too slow for me so I went into CloworkMod Recovery and wiped all data/delvik from the phone & SD card. When I rebooted my phone, the plain HTC logo screen appears followed by the HTC logo screen w/ the "Quietly Brilliant". It keeps repeating the screen over and over. If I plug it into the PC the PC never detects it because the phone is turning off and on, and my volume buttons are broken off so its difficult to do a reset. How do I return back to custom ROM and make my phone work?
    11-22-2011 07:04 AM
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    You should have reflashed the rom after wiping. You are now in a bootloop. The typical fix would be to put the rom on the root of your SD card as a PD98IMG file and flash thru bootloader. Since your volume button is broken, I assume this is not possible. I would suggest searching for the method to flash the rom thru the sdk using adb. If you can't get the PC to recognize the phone, you might try going into a chat session that is linked in the hack kit developers signature, attn1. Those guys there can probably help you get it straight.

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    11-22-2011 02:49 PM