1. armyranger12's Avatar
    Well here's the problem , I'm having now , the phone was rooted using adv hack kit and there was a update that came out and me being new to all this downloaded the update and it was for gingerbread ,The hack and or root is gone now . I did try to root again and nothing but errors using hack kit adv . Every thing was done to step nothing missed after hack kit seen the phone started to run the kit the errors showed up . Phone not found , not in correct , mode charge only and debug set , bad or unmounted sd ) Everything was in fact set . is there something that can be used or a diffrent hack or root system ?
    05-14-2012 12:30 PM
  2. pazzo02's Avatar
    Ace hack kit is the only one that works for the Inspire. Try the IRC chat in the hack kit thread on xda-developers. There will be someone on there that can get you fixed up.
    05-15-2012 07:38 AM
  3. sicario9's Avatar
    I think it dont work for 2.3.5 i iwant to root my.i use to have it root but i break my lcd sreen they send me this one and i upgrade this 1 and i want to root it now and when u look in xddevelopers the only thing u find is nothing to look here .whats going on this phone use to be ez to root,
    08-24-2012 07:37 AM
  4. Cajun72's Avatar
    Ok I am new here. Own an HTC Inspire, where is the adv hack file, everywhere I look it does not exist? Can you root android 2.3.5?
    08-25-2012 11:59 AM
  5. liverlips111's Avatar
    when i try to root with the downloaded link it tells me that i need to downgrade so from there i hit yes... then i go though all the process and when its done downloading the zip file after hitting yes to downgrading it says please wait this could take some time then from there while its trying to downgrade it it goes into error saying it failed or error then i get the red triangle screen. am i doing something wrong here? or do i have to do something before i let it download the file to push into the sd card?
    09-03-2012 01:29 PM