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    I am in quite a predicament here. On my phone (rooted, currently running Leedroid), my battery does not last for as long as I need it to. For example, I would just be reading an article on Browser, and the battery would drop 1-3 percentages. Sometimes, it would drop at least 4 percentages just standing there. I really need help.

    ROM playback (ROMs used):

    Stock (Sense+GB)
    Stock rooted
    CM7 (left because I missed Sense)
    RCMix 3D 4.0 (left because of stability)
    Leedroid (current, thinking of leaving)

    Now, I need help. I was thinking of going back to CM7 because I had relatively awesome battery with it. If you must know, I am currently seeing if Carat can find battery hogs. Then I may switch. In addition, if anyone can suggest a ROM that is:

    Battery saving
    Usable (full sensor usage)
    Looks great

    And then, there's the nuclear option. I was thinking of rerunning AAHK (my root tool) and simply returning to stock. Forgetting root. Forgetting the devs (yes, I know that I'm making it sound like a dire situation) that have done so much. I actually cataloged that the only root tool that I really use is AdAway, which, while very helpful, I can live without.

    So, to conclude. I need advice on a new ROM (CM7 or what), or should I simply unroot and spend the 250 or so days of my contract as if root never happened?
    06-24-2012 09:58 AM
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    Flash CM7. Find a Sense looking launcher. Then wipe the tears and rejoice.

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    07-16-2012 04:23 AM