10-22-2013 08:07 AM
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  1. fadetoblack2104's Avatar
    Which method are u using manual or pc? I did pc and it worked great easy stuff through the pc took like 15mins then again I didn't have much on my phone
    I must be downloading the wrong thing because I have no application to run. I'm trying on my pc right now.

    EDIT: I was an ***** and downloaded the .zip for the rom and not the app itself. . . LOL. Got the right thing downloading now.
    06-02-2011 06:38 AM
  2. Staticpunk84's Avatar
    Yeah its in the 1st post for the pc set up
    06-02-2011 06:44 AM
  3. fadetoblack2104's Avatar
    It's been stuck at updating signature for the last 30 min or so. Should it be taking this long?
    06-02-2011 09:05 AM
  4. Staticpunk84's Avatar
    well if you have a lot of stuff on your phone then yeah.. once your done DL the RUU_Ace_Cingular_US_1.80.502.3_Radio_12.39.60.19_2 Run as Admin then follow what the Pc set up. You should have no issues. Let us know if you got it done.
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    06-02-2011 10:19 AM
  5. doctordreezy's Avatar
    the s-on tool didnt work
    08-31-2011 02:22 AM
  6. Jesse McKay's Avatar
    I followed this exactly. Full battery to start. The S-on tool worked right away as did the RUU. I could see the progress on the pc as well as on the phone screen. It took about 10 minutes to complete and after it finished the phone shut off (I was assuming to reboot) but it did not turn back on. I let everything sit for a few minutes thinking maybe it was still processing. The phone will not turn on and is completely unresponsive. BRICKED - now what
    11-12-2012 07:52 PM
  7. pedro miguel alayon contreras's Avatar
    i need re upload file RUU_Ace_Cingular_US_1.80.502.3_Radio_12.39.60.19_2 that i cant download filke is missing of multiupload not exist
    03-13-2013 10:32 AM
  8. joe zack's Avatar
    thank you homescrub work perfect,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,good job
    04-26-2013 12:04 AM
  9. NowImPissed's Avatar
    is there a place to download without having to download the ilivid downloader?
    10-22-2013 08:07 AM
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