1. OlCeePee's Avatar
    Hey guys,
    Ive been working on this all night and to no avail.
    Ive rooted my optimus 2x and was flashing it via cwm, I picked what i thought to be the right phone (in canada here, its called the 2x, however ive since found out that elsewhere its the g2x, the option i did not pic). Since it flashed it is now stuck in a boot loop. I have tried several things most notably the NVflash and KDZ.

    NVFlash does not recognize my phone, its says there is no device plugged in which is untrue as my computer shows teh apx.

    KDZ also does not work.

    I know my phone is fixable but im at my wits end. Id greatly appreciate any and all help you might have to offer.

    03-14-2012 03:33 AM