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    I started out my Android experience with the HTC Incredible. At first I was in love, and then the dreaded "Out of Space" happening occurred. I rooted, I un-rooted, I updated, I expanded my memory card. Nothing would fix this problem and as far as I could tell neither HTC or Verizon would even recognize that there was a problem. So, I survived for almost 2 years and finally was able to get a new phone.

    Enter, the Motorola Droid RAZR. I researched, I scoured the interwebs for information on which phone to purchase and came to the conclusion that this was the best phone available to me (not including the RAZR Maxx, but the RAZR was $100 cheaper). I had wanted a Samsung phone, but didn't like Verizon's current offerings and couldn't wait for them to release the Galaxy S3. Alas, I now have the RAZR.

    The phone is very nice, large screen nearly indesctructible with the kevlar backing and Gorilla Glass front (I still bought an Otter box commuter case for it). But after almost a month of using it I've discovered that no phone is perfect. For some odd reason, when you want to place a shortcut on the home screen it takes a full 6 seconds after you press the "Shortcuts" for the app list to appear. Not a big deal, but I find it odd that of all things that is what works slowly.

    The thing that this phone does that really bothers me is that it seems to lose connection for no reason when I appear to have connectivity. So, I'm watching a YouTube video and it just stops playing. I'm listening to Rhapsody and it stops playing. Browsing the internet, click a link to go to the next page, no connection. There's even an app that is supposed to fix this issue, but I've run it and it still seems to occur. Aggravating, but not completely crippling.

    I love the Android interface and the one thing that I love above all else on my phone is the Smart Actions app that came with it. Having an app that will automatically silence my phone, turn off the wifi and automatically text people who call me while I'm at work? Priceless.

    Anyways, that's probably more about me & my Android experience than you wanted to know. I don't typically root my phones because the idea of bricking something that costs $450+ to replace scares the crap out of me, but also because I typically find that everything I need is already available without rooting. But I love new gadgets and I love reading about the cool new things that people can do with their phones.

    Guess that's enough for now.
    06-28-2012 06:25 PM
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    Welcome to the android family

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    Welcome to AC
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