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    Howdy!I'm hoping that I can find some help here

    On New Year's Eve my hubby decided that we would all get new cell phones. This time he decided that he and our oldest would get the same kind o cell phone and that our teen and I wold get the same kind of phone. Surprising, he let our teen and myself get smartphones! I had checked the ones our carrier has and decieded that I wouldn't go an iPhone. Well that and the majority of my friends have all told me to stay away from the iPhone for around here.

    So that left us with a small group to choose from. Price wise we decided on the Alcatel One Touch 995A. It's not too bad, and we get 30 days to use it and decide if we like it or not. But there are some things I have questions about and other things I am wondering about. My teen and I are new to the smartphone world so any advice would be great!!

    I do have one question to start off, but I[m not sure where to put it. Is there a way to save and use the images that I sent by my tracfone to my smartphone? I'd like to use some of the pictures for my contacts.

    Thanks in advance! And if anyone could plese let me know which forum to post my questions to I'd appreciate that, too Our phone uses GINGERBREAD_ALUS_2.0
    01-03-2013 03:14 PM
  2. RODEONan's Avatar
    I found out how to save my pictures from text messages! Press and hold on the picture and a menu pops up then you touch the 'Copy attachment to SD card'. Now that that is done, I'm seriously considering going back and switching phones. :: sigh ::
    01-07-2013 05:48 PM

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