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    I'll be honest, the only reason I'm joining this forum is because my phone is being stupid. Huawei Impulse 4G, if it makes a difference.

    The problem is this: as of yesterday, I can send both SMS and MMS, but can only receive MMS. I discovered this by one of my friends calling me and notifying me that she'd been texting me all day and I hadn't been replying. However, I had received a picture despite not being able to receive normal SMS messages. So I sent myself a normal text and a text with a picture and, sure enough, only the one with a picture came back. I didn't do anything to the phone, this issue randomly occurred.

    This has happened before, about two months ago, although at the time I may not have been able to receive MMS either (I didn't test). But back then, simply turning the phone off for 5 minutes fixed it, which didn't work this time.

    Here is a list of everything I've attempted so far
    1. Rebooting the phone. (Done this at least 7 times, longest off time being 3 hours and shortest being around 5 minutes)
    2. Removing and replacing the battery, SIM card, and SD card.
    3. Clearing the Messaging App Cache and Data.
    4. Using a new messaging app. (GoSMS, I currently use the stock messaging app)
    5. Toggling airplane mode. (It was worth a shot)

    One final method which I've looked up was swapping the SIM card to another phone, booting up that phone, then swapping it back to the original phone. Was going to attempt that when someone else in my house woke up so I didn't have to steal their phone. If all else fails and I can't get an answer from this forum, I'll call AT&T support.

    Edit: Tried swapping the SIM card to another phone and back again, still didn't fix it.
    01-13-2013 07:22 AM

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