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    I thought to say hi before asking my first question.I live in Macedonia,i own a HTC Desire C,not such a good phone, but does the work for calling.But, i just got an tablet (Firefly A12 7') and it is incredibly slow.I can't even open the browser it just stucks.I tried everything but it doesn't help.I know it's not such a good tablet, but i don't have much apps on it, it is just not possible to be that slow.Please help me
    06-13-2014 05:23 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central. I really don't know that much about that particular tablet, but I'm sure somebody here does....ENJOY
    06-13-2014 08:00 AM
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    Welcome to the forums. I saw your other post and asked a counter question.
    06-13-2014 09:48 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central.

    dpham00, Android Central Moderator
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    06-13-2014 09:50 AM
  5. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums! Hopefully your tablet issue is resolved fairly easily. I responded earlier to a similar thread on a tablet and believe it may be yours, so hopefully my response helps.
    06-13-2014 10:03 AM
  6. neonworm's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central!
    06-13-2014 11:24 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central!

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    Please excuse any typos or autocorrect derps.
    06-13-2014 11:50 AM
  8. LightaDroid's Avatar

    Posted from Google Nexus 5
    06-14-2014 04:28 PM
  9. STARGATE's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums!
    Was that tablet slow from the beginning or just recently?

    Sent From Inside The TARDIS With My Galaxy S5
    06-17-2014 06:26 AM

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