1. DEman19901's Avatar
    Just when you think it can't get any worse, they pull this: Apple vs. A.pl: Tech company sues online Polish grocer over logo | PCWorld
    09-13-2012 08:24 AM
  2. Jackie222's Avatar

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    09-13-2012 09:06 AM
  3. cyanogen-man's Avatar
    Money money money apples using the courts like the mob burrows snitches

    09-13-2012 09:20 AM
  4. DEman19901's Avatar
    You know the kid that throws the temper tantrum is the store when they don't get their way? They grow up to work for Apple.
    09-13-2012 09:33 AM
  5. jimijames's Avatar
    Amazing... after reading that, I scrolled to the top to doublecheck the dateline... nope, not an April fools. Apple's lawyers are out of control
    09-13-2012 12:13 PM
  6. xlDeMoNiClx's Avatar
    A link in the article you linked. Apple to Samsung: Don't Make Thin or Rectangular Tablets or Smartphones | PCWorld

    Who the hell does Apple think it is? That's pathetic and the obvious work of scumbags.
    09-24-2012 12:23 AM

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