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    I think I can speak for most of this here. I am posting this in the Apple thread because they are the ones who started most, if not all, of these trends. FU Apple, I will never give you any of my money.

    Now, I know you are all aware of several satanic trends in phone design. I will list them here.
    -Nonremoveable battery
    -No SD slot
    -Glass backs
    -Deliberate excessive battery wear
    -No headphone jack
    -Planned obselesense
    -Blocking root access
    -Rediculously overpriced hardware
    I will explain why each one of these is satanic.

    Removeable batteries are a neccessary feature. Here are some scenarios where it will be useful:
    -If you are not going to have access to an outlet for a while and need to use (or at least have) your phone, bring multiple batteries and replace them when one dies.
    -If you are caught unprepared with a dead battery, put in a new one to get through your day.
    -If your battery is overheating and smoking, you can quickly pull it out and lose just your battery, not your whole phone.
    -In case of a large-scale battery issue, send all your customers a new battery and be done with it. I'm talking to you, Samsung.
    Now, I know you've heard claims in support of nonremoveable batteries. Let me address them.
    -I've heard that you can make the battery into odd shapes by doing this to increase the total volume. Too bad that the amount of space you get from this is negligible and cannot even be used because battery cells must be regularly shaped. Add that to the fact that they will probably still be easily removeable and you have yourself a false claim.
    -I've heard that you can make it fit very tightly by making it non-removeable. By doing that, you have yourself an explosive phone that you will have to recall.
    -Capacity doesn't magically increase either. The S6 and Note 5 both have nonremoveable batteries, and they are smaller than their precursors' removeable batteries.
    -I've heard that you can improve water resistance by doing this. If a water resistant phone with a removeable battery can't be done, why did the Galaxy S5 manage to do it? How come dumb watches can do it? How come practically every radio-controlled model boat in existence can do it? This has already been proven false.

    SD card slots are necessary to provide a quick and reliable means to transfer information between devices, but even more importantly, to back up your files. Your nice 128 GB flash storage won't do you any good if it fails or your phone gets bricked. Cloud services exist so companies and the CIA can steal your data and money, and you can't always connect to them. If you can't connect to a cloud service, pop in an SD card and be done with it.

    Glass backs are slippery, fragile, and ugly. Do you need any more explanation?

    Deliberate excessive battery wear is an obvious planned-obselescense attempt.

    The lack of a headphone jack breaks compatability with everything. It also allows companies to put proprietary authentication mechanisms so you can only use SamDung headphones on a SamDung phone, crApple headphones on a crApple phone, etc. If it isn't broken, don't fix it.

    Bloatware is evil because you paid for some amount of storage, and software you don't want to use is a waste of that storage. Not being able to remove it increases clutter and decreases performance and usable storage.

    Planned obselescense is an obvious scheme to try to sell you more phones. Phones should perform as good as possible for as long as possible. I know the silicon will eventually degrade and that screens, LEDs, batteries, etc. only have a finite lifespan, but sabotaging components and putting timed slowdowns (crApple) is evil.

    Blocking root access is evil because it prevents us from using our hardware to it's full potential. It also makes it impossible to remove all their spyware and other evil from the software.

    End-user cost should be based on manufacturing cost. I do know that the companies need money, but I don't want to pay more for something just because it is newer or made by SamDung. And, no, they do not cost $600 to make.

    TLDR: Read it even though it is long
    01-30-2017 07:11 PM
  2. Aquila's Avatar
    Since we're being hyperbolic, I'm going to stay with the theme.

    Removable batteries are a horribad feature and deserve to die in a fire.
    SD cards are a horribad feature and in Android their primary use is to prop up really bad budget devices in developing market where actual storage is inaccessible.

    Agree glass backs need to go. And bloatware, depending on how you define it.

    I've never had a phone with Satan in it, but I have had phones that don't provide monthly security updates. That's worse.
    01-31-2017 11:41 AM
  3. Mooserman15's Avatar
    What's wrong with removeable batteries?

    SD cards are required because cloud companies cannot be trusted.
    03-20-2017 01:19 AM

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