1. hhouk's Avatar
    I have the Samsung T589 Gravity Smart 2 with T-Mobile. I am determined to find some kind of app that will give me directional arrow keys on the physical slide out keyboard (NOT the touchscreen part.) There is a perfect section for it on my bottom right keyboard, but Samsung thought it would be a better idea to use it for 4 shortcut keys: web, messaging, search, and something else.

    I tried Z Arrow App, but it didnt work. The letters I, J, K, and L did not work as directional keys in any way for my phone. My fingers are chubsy and I am annoyed with the constant tapping to get the dang cursor where I want it.

    I dont care about arrow keys on the screen itself. Pleeease help me. Would "rooting" my phone somehow allow me to do this?
    09-30-2011 11:19 PM