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    I have a few questions on the expected behavior of SwiftKeyX on by Bionic. In case it matters, my reference point to these comparisons is the stock keyboard on the original Droid.
    1) Often when I'm typing, I press the space bar before I notice what the expected word in SwiftKey is going to insert. Nine times out of ten this isn't an issue because it's a good thing that it corrects my typos. However, sometimes, the word suggested isn't the word I want. In other keyboards I have used, backspacing after a correction undoes the correction, leaving the text as entered. I can't get SwiftKey to do this. This grinds my gears when I have to backspace and completely retype the word. Is there a setting for this?
    2) Occasionally when in landscape mode, when SwiftKey shows the letter to be pressed, it shows it blow the key rather than above as usually happens. Of course, this is obscured by my fat fingers.
    3) When using SwiftKey to enter text in a text box on the bottom of a page displayed in Dolphin web browser, the keyboard obscures the entire text box I'm typing in if the text box is at the bottom of the page. Other keyboards have isolated the text box so all text in that box can be seen, even if the context of the rest of the page is hidden. Is this expected? [Edit - maybe this is a Dolphin problem. Both Stock and Swype do the same thing]
    10-08-2011 02:03 PM