1. RodBarnes's Avatar
    Since the recent update, I've noticed a defect in Swype entry in the browser address field. Wonder if anyone else can duplicate this or experience it. (It may have been there before and I just didn't notice it.) It currently has Swype v3.25.91.34889.34889.5238.GT_P7510.

    1. Open the browser
    2. Put the cursor in the address field and clear out any existing text.
    3. Ensure that the Swype keyboard is enabled.
    4. Swype an entry. For example, I Syped "Samsung"
    5. Since auto-spacing is disabled in the address bar, you must press the space to add one.
    6. After pressing space, it removes the last two characters and adds the space. So, in my example, "Samsung" becomes "Samsu ".

    This behavior is exhibited:
    • Whether using the small or large Swype keyboard, for all words entered in the address bar.
    • Only in the address bar. It does not happen in other text-entry applications; e.g., Evernote, QuickOffice, etc.
    • Only on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 which comes with Swype onboard. I do not get this with the Swype beta I have loaded on my OG Droid.
    11-27-2011 01:10 PM
  2. whtcldjd's Avatar
    I also have Galaxy Tab 10.1 and am having the same problems with the last 2 letters of a word being deleted when I type in a number, symbol or space after a word, or if I Swype too quickly. I use Swype on my HTC Evo & don't have any of these problems. I love using Swype but it is soooooo frustrating with this glitch! I hope they fix this soon.
    11-28-2011 01:06 AM
  3. kgh00007's Avatar
    Same problem here, plus swipe is giving me awfull trouble on facebook in stock browser writing messages and posting updates. Sometimes whole lines of text are copied and pasted in the middle of other sentances!

    It took me ages to write this message with all the mistakes!!
    11-30-2011 07:24 PM