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    I got my first smartphone on 12-20-11. It was a Samsung Captivate Glide (slide out keyboard) but a week later I switched to the Galaxy S II when I found out the glide won't support Android 4. I specifically picked the glide because of the physical keys. So now I'm kinda befuddled with the basic onscreen keyboards.

    Idealy I would like a keyboard with:
    Dedicated punctuation buttons (no symbols button press to call them on screen and then switch back)
    A ".com" button

    I've tried the Android, Samsung, Go, and am now giving the Swiftkey X, a trial run.
    I saw in a poll it was the highest rated. Sadly it don't see a .com button. But at least the long press will activate the symbols.

    Any other suggestions? Any tips to customizing these to help?

    Your experiance is appreciated.
    12-26-2011 07:23 PM