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    ETAOI keyboard

    ETAOI is a new type of keyboard, specially designed for touch screens. Whilst compact, it comes with a full functionality of a standard QWERTY. In fact, it offers more: its intuitive, fast and supports a number of languages.

    ETAOI takes less than a third of the area required by a standard keyboard. This helps you focus on whats on screen. The result is more convenient, mistake-free typing which doesnt interfere with the flow of your thoughts.

    Using ETAOI is quick. Even more its cunningly precise. As a matter of fact, you can usually type with 100% accuracy!

    Theres no dumb autocomplete and no suggested changes to errors that arent errors. Improved visibility of all text is enough to instantly spot any typos.

    The keyboard requires about 60-70 minutes of initial training. This may appear to be a lot, but only until you remember how much time youve had to invest (or perhaps: are looking to invest!) in learning how to type with all fingers using QWERTY.

    The app is accompanied by a number of other products, most notably: a demo version and a (free) training course. Please do comment on all of them!

    Android Market links:
    ETAOI keyboard (free demo)
    ETAOI keyboard (free comprehensive training course)
    ETAOI keyboard: full version of the product
    Typing accuracy and speed training app (works with any keyboard!)

    QR codes:
    Market QR code (free demo)
    Market QR code (full version)

    01-14-2012 09:54 AM
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    Pretty Neat. can definitely see how you can become faster with it. Is there a way to get rid of the tutorial/shortcut box so i have tons of screen real estate even with my keyboard up? Because I could see that being the biggest benefit to this keyboard.

    Also from a design approach... the key colors are very loud, i like the multicolor approach but i think a little less color intensity would be good
    01-20-2012 10:10 AM
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    Thank you!

    Definitely helps to start with the training course (free) if you're interested in using the product. We've also developed an app for improving typing speed for more advanced users.

    As for your question - simply SLIDE DOWN from the orange key: this should leave the screen with just the keyboard and nothing else! (SLIDE DOWN from the orange key again to bring the tutorial back.)

    Other skins are available in ), but more on the way!

    Once again, thanks for your comments!

    ETAOI keyboard team

    ETAOI Keyboard - write and command
    01-22-2012 04:47 PM