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    My son is in the Peace Corps teaching in rural South Africa (Kalahari desert region). Knowing how to type would help kids in his school get jobs (there's a >50% unemployment rate in his area) and can also be used to springboard a bunch of other learning activities and opportunities.

    Long story short - to teach typing classes they need easily portable bluetooth keyboards. That way they can transport them to where the learners are - other villages, churches, the schools, etc. A subset of those learners can then get more computer training in their very limited computer lab at school.

    He is thinking that old donated smartphones hooked to bluetooth keyboards might be perfect. The phones don't need data or cell connection - they just need to be bluetooth enabled to talk to the keyboards. They have electricity to charge the phones and batteries - and rechargeable batteries - are available.

    Any thoughts of the most ROBUST keyboards with the easiest connections in this type of situation? We expect we will be able to get donations for the 10 or so old android phones he needs. But he will probably have to buy the keyboards and he wants the toughest ones he can find.
    02-13-2012 01:24 PM