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    Now this isn't a preference thread at ALL. My question has to do with Dragon Dictation on the Swype Beta. Let me first say that Swype Beta on my Galaxy S3 is PERFECT for ME. I have pretty big hands and I can swipe with just my thumb holding the phone in one hand hardly having to look at the phone. I am amazed really how accurate I can be. Now I have tried and payed for every keyboard that has any traction in the keyboard world. For me, no other keyboard comes close in the accuracy department. I am however having a HUGE problem with Swype's choice to use Dragon dictation as the sole method of dictation. I have done a lot of searching and I think I understand that it isn't and won't be possible to use Google's dictation on that keyboard. They must understand that Dragon will never catch up to Google in that department and it really is the Achilles' heal on the keyboard.

    The point of this "rant" I suppose is to see if anyone else share's my frustration and/or if anyone knows of a legitimate alternative that I may have overlooked or if someone's got an inside line on a keyboard to look out for.

    01-12-2013 08:31 PM

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