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    Swype Beta was the very first app that I made a video demo of. Ah, it brings back memories. It was also the demo that launched with The Droid Demos in June of 2010. However, there was another Android keyboard app that was released shortly thereafter. It was called SwiftKey. Unlike, Swype, SwiftKey doesnt try to reinvent the wheelI mean keyboard. Rather, it brings us an even better traditional keyboard. With a sleek look that slightly resembles the HTC Sense keyboard, SwiftKey prides itself in helping you type faster without changing any habits. How? SwiftKey not only has an amazing spell correction engine, but it actually predicts what youre going to type. Thats right, a keyboard that predicts the future. Okay, so maybe not quite, but it gets close. By analyzing your typing habits and messages, SwiftKey learns how you type and uses this data to suggest what word to type next, allowing you to quickly tap to select or hit space to select its prediction. No hassle guaranteed.

    I've got a video demo, as always :P of SwiftKey. Check it out. Download link provided.

    SwiftKey Video Demo with Download Link
    08-14-2010 09:19 AM
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    I downloaded the SwiftKey keyboard. It guesses at what I'm trying to say far better than HTC's Sense keyboard...but it's slow as dirt on my EVO so I had to switch it. It's a shame.

    Another thing is did that bugged me was that I had to correct my word before putting any punctuation in otherwise I'd have to manually correct it. This became incredibly annoying.
    08-14-2010 09:50 AM