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    I am currently using Samsung Galaxy SII i9100g with OS Jelly Bean 4.1.2. I was previously using OS ICS before updating it to JB recently and I noticed there is a slight difference in the auto capitalization settings.

    But first, let me explain about my bad habit. I have a habit to insert two full stops at every end of the sentence. Yes I know I am weird but this sounds a little bit friendlier in my society. When I was using ICS, my first letter will be auto capitalized even I inserted 2 full stops at the end of previous sentence. However, this does not happen in JB. It does not recognise it as the start of the sentence after 2 dots. I tried several keyboards (Swiftkey, Go, A.I etc) most of them works about the same too. There is one app though, forgot which is it, Swiftkey if I am not mistaken that still recognise auto capitalize my first letter after 2 dots. However, I cannot disable the suggestion words function which I dislike. I just like it plain and simple.

    So, is there any ways that my keyboard can auto capitalize after 2 dots? Or is there a method to roll back to ICS keyboard settings? Any better method out there? Hope you guys will help me out. Thank you
    07-02-2013 06:22 AM

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