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    Title: Angry Face
    Requires Android: 2.2+
    Contetn Rating: Everyone
    Category: App
    Game Description:
    There is a 100500 keyboards on Google Play, but now one has a Delete button with the same functionality as real keyboard do.
    This is 100501st keyboard with Delete button, such desired button which many people lacked but especially for author.
    Keyboard with a Breaking Bad style for fans of this TV Series. Also there is an editor of layout for keyboard with many of settings.
    Let's try to mark accomplishments:
    - Keyboard with Delete key.
    - Breaking Bad style for fans of this TV Series!
    - Possibility to change a size of keyboard!
    - Layout editor with many of settings, allowing to specify own buttons position with own value of unlimited length.
    - Possibility to save input history in every editable field. Sometimes it's necessary to remember what was wrote in that field.
    - Text templates for faster entering of logins, some standard answers, passwords.
    - Vibration on key press which is not enough in many other keyboards.
    - Dialog window style for tablets to give a possibility to type by one finger. You can scale or move the window in any direction.
    - Themes of keyboard can support an animation!
    - Word entring without lifting finger and auto space between words. But realization is far away from ideal, so you better don't use it.
    - Thems for albom orientation on tablets.
    - Entering to fullscreen edit mode.
    - Capital letters can write automatically in the begining of new sentece.
    - Auto space after punctuation.
    And other settings for keyboard behavior.
    The most intersting, I guess it is layout editor, I will write it's possibilities shortly, because it is a basic component of keyboard:
    - Supporting GIF animation of background.
    - 7 settings for general background of keyboard.
    - 30 settings for button.
    - Possibility of button positioning, which allows to works on devices with absolutely different screen sizes.
    Full list of possibilities are here https://bitbucket.org/amartynenko/delboard/wiki/Home
    An editor is free, but it is not available for downloading at this moment. It's supporting is too hard. It has a lot of bugs and there is no documentation yet.
    Unfortunately I have not enough human hours and motivation to complete it all, because I can't count that 100501st keyboard can become good.
    If you want layout editor came out to world, you have to wait for some...
    We are supporting onle 3 languages at this moment: English, Russian, Ukrainian

    Link to google play:

    12-28-2013 04:23 AM
  2. Haalcyon's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing. Good luck in the Play store.
    12-28-2013 10:52 AM

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