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    out of the blue my mic button will not appear in any email program but texting and KIK are fine and it shows up. why would this be? dont all programs use the same keyboard? using jellybean keyboard i've done everything i can think of and check and unchecked all boxes. uninstalled and reinstalled google keyboard, the google app, made sure voice is turned on. and that the button is turned on in settings. i can swipe down the L key down and the mic appears in gmail so it 'is' capable of being in there.

    i updated the google app yesterday and thing worked ok last night but not today and nothing else changed. i also reboot the phone every time i update or delete an app just in case that mattered. so i'm perplexed

    phone is LG Power with andriod 5 0 1
    08-16-2015 08:52 AM

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