1. will336's Avatar
    Swiftkey recently updated their keyboard to use neural networks for prediction, word completion etc. It got me wondering, does Google Keyboard also use neural networks? Google is the leader in AI so I would hope so!
    10-14-2016 06:57 AM
  2. Aquila's Avatar
    Sort of, but algorithmic association and neural networking aren't technically the same thing. Google Keyboard starts off with a standard dictionary and algorithms that evaluate the frequency of which certain words are paired together. Two persons on brand new Google accounts will see very similar results for the next word after typing the word "The", for example. These associations tend to be pretty generic and they're the result of statistical evaluation of billions of examples of anonymous written communication that Google was able to parse and create relatively accurate, in a general sense, networks of word association that fit most common situations for many users. It is able to evaluate not only the previous word, but the words surrounding it and it gives each possible next word a score that evaluated the likelihood of it being used next - highest scores get displayed.

    From there, Google Keyboard then basically creates a custom dictionary for each user and it can notate the frequency of which certain words are paired together. The more that you use the keyboard, the quicker and better it is able to make better contextual associations - and the words that you have actually used historically are given somewhat higher priority over generic options as this develops over time. The goal is for the keyboard to offer suggestions that accurately reflect your actual patterns of written communication.

    It is rather more complicated than above, especially because we tend to communicate differently based on the media - so we type differently in texts than on twitter and differently there than in emails and on forums, etc, etc.
    10-14-2016 09:48 AM

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