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    Wow so shocked there isn't more topics in this forum. Any who just wanted to mention that I just bought one of the BEST cases for my HDX. It made by MOKO and sold on AMAZON. Amazon.com: MoKo Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 Case - Slim-Fit Case with Stand for Fire HDX 7.0 Inch 2013 Gen Tablet, BLACK (With Smart Cover Auto Wake / Sleep): Computers & Accessories
    It's one of the best kindle cases I've owned so far. I wanted to get away from that flimsy fold back cover that I had on my kindle fire that eventually broke down. It has a holder for a stylus and it wake and put the kindle to sleep. Made of leather and is very sturdy with a handy hand strap to hold your kindle. And the best park for me......wait for it.....life time warranty! (((Pow))) if it gets messed up send it back. It's on sale right now the original price is 49.99 I have prime so it cost me 9.99 for the black case. Amazingly the color cases where still regularly price and just the black was sold at a discount. But now the color cases are $6.99 (go figure). Anywho best case I've had.

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