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    I have a bunch of friends with iPhones and unfortunatey they have included me in a big group text message they have going. I can get their messages individually as mms messages but I can't see or reply to the group. Is there any way to do this? Or will I have to deal with just getting the messages and being left out of the group convo =( I'm certainly never giving up my Galaxy Nexus for an iPhone ever so I'm hoping I can join in the fray...Thanx for any input anyone has, btw I read through all the pages of threads in this iOS forum and didn't see anything.
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    12-11-2011 08:32 PM
  2. iamkevint's Avatar
    I have the same problem as well.
    12-17-2011 03:57 PM
  3. martidpAU's Avatar
    Me too. I have searched extensively for an answer and have found nothing. I would even use a third party app if necessary.
    12-23-2011 06:53 AM
  4. bugbeast's Avatar
    For me, getting OUT of the conversation is more important than being a part of it. While we, as Android users, can't see or reply to the whole group, any iPhone user's reply still does come to us, as a new fresh thread. This is damn annoying when I'm not interested in the initial message, yet I get a text (actually, an MMS) from every member of the group who has something to say on the topic. Get me out!
    01-21-2012 02:01 PM