1. Jays2Kings's Avatar
    A nice little addition is the option to blink before unlocking your phone. It doesn'r really work as it can't pick up normal blinking well, and you have to have your eyes wide open before it works, either way it slows the process down

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    06-29-2012 02:40 AM
  2. Jezz_X's Avatar
    Never did like face unlock seems more like a gimmick to me because I hardly ever stare straight down at my phone so my face would be in that circle when I turn it on
    I prefer pattern unlock but its nice to see they are working on it
    06-29-2012 02:50 AM
  3. zkSharks's Avatar
    I've seen Face Unlock work well for some. Then again, they had hair at about the right length, well-defined facial features, and most of the time they used their phone was in adequate lighting conditions. My experiences have been hit-and miss, though.

    As far as the option to unlock when you blink, I think it was first suggested because with Face Unlock enabled it was sometimes difficult to check your phone (for the time or for notifications) without it unlocking.. or trying to.
    06-29-2012 03:55 AM
  4. walcolm's Avatar
    I like the face unlock concept but i am not using it yet. we'll just have to wait and see how the liveness check bottlenecks the process
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    06-29-2012 03:57 AM
  5. droidmyme's Avatar
    It's easy to bypass someone's face unlock feature. All you have to do is cut their face off, then you wear it, Hannibal Lecter-style.

    I think someone at XDA discovered this exploit
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    06-29-2012 05:52 AM
  6. joshua.worth's Avatar
    I think its great for speed of unlocking, I wouldn't bother to lock my device much of the time prior to this decent innovation. Improvement is necessary and I look forward to it.
    06-29-2012 07:48 AM