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    **EDIT: I have already done some searching on this issue, and tried multiple suggestions from other users, but none have been successful for me. Plus I know this phone is newer...

    I just got a brand new US Cellular Samsung Galaxy Axiom running Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0. I have one google account that is set up with several sub calendars. My problem is that when I try and sync my calendars, it will only sync my primary calendar associated with that Google Account.

    I have tried clearing out Calendar and Calendar storage under Application Manager. I have also tried using the Google Calendar app, and it doesn't work any differently. I've removed and re-added my Google account several times, but nothing is changing.

    I remember with my old phone, I had to make sure that on the web-browser view, all of my calendars had to be displayed, or they wouldn't sync with mobile.

    As a side note, I also have two-step authentication configured, but I know that this cannot be the problem since my Gmail and Contacts are syncing just fine.

    When I look in my Accounts & Sync menu, the Calendar checkbox under my Google Account keeps saying "Sync is currently experiencing problems. it will be back shortly)

    12-22-2012 03:19 PM

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