1. CarrierUnlock's Avatar
    I'm a die hard BlackBerry user since day 1 and have tried all platforms even iPhone and all have resulted to me loving my precious BlackBerry even more. Who's in my shoes and is contemplating this new Android platform or has made the switch and doesn't see themselves going back?
    11-16-2009 05:41 PM
  2. dirk.moon's Avatar
    Android might be the one to cure your taste for BB. It's open source so improvements and innovation will be compelled to it. The OS, from a user perspective, is very well thought out. Applications are plentiful. There are already several great devices to chose from.

    One aspect of any Droid devices that you might not like is the keyboard. You being a BB fan, likely you really like the BB keyboard experience. Myself coming from iPhone, really love the Android touch screen keyboard. But the physical keyboard on the Droid is not the best out there.

    Bottom line give it a try to see if its for you.
    11-16-2009 06:21 PM
  3. KCaudell's Avatar
    I'm moving to the Hero from both BB (corporate) and iPhone (personal). The Hero is replacing the iPhone. So far, still in the first week, I'm adjusting to the OS differences and working to understand the sync procedures and possibilities.

    I do like the ability to tether the Hero. The 3G is faster than what I was experiencing on my BB. I'm getting about 1.2 MB/sec on my Hero and about 700k/sec on my BB according to Speakeasy.net/speedtest.

    11-29-2009 04:36 PM
  4. TreyDaPrince's Avatar
    I definitely don't. Not one bit.

    I once told myself, once you go BB you never go back. Yeah well, I've been wrong before. =) Android is th better OS as of now IMO.
    11-29-2009 04:44 PM
  5. gryn's Avatar
    if only i could ditch this damn pre
    12-23-2009 09:44 AM
  6. paradox460's Avatar
    Android works far better than BBOs.

    I had a storm, and loved it very much. I was always holding out for the next update. I told myself that OS 5 would put it on par with the iPhone and Droid and Pre and other phones.

    OS 5 rolls around. New features: Threaded SMS, repeat one, and few new hotspots in the default theme. MMS is still old as hell. Browser is still old as hell. No multi-text or EMS (Longer than 160).

    Thats when i dumped it and jumped to droid. The only regret i have is that Android doesn't have the omnipresent spell checker like the BB did.
    12-25-2009 01:14 AM
  7. CarrierUnlock's Avatar
    I did it! I listed my BlackBerry Bold on Craigslist hoping for a trade for a G1 or myTouch3G. I can't stand the BlackBerry OS anymore.
    01-25-2010 01:41 PM
  8. slbailey1's Avatar
    I don't regret my move from the Sprint Touch to Hero. I really love the phone. But if the rumors are true that the next version of the iPhone (4.0) will come to Sprint, then it will be VERY hard to stay with Android. The reason is that many functional applications and accessories are available for the iPhone.

    There are MANY businesses ,whose main function is not tech related, put out only one mobile application to help sell products and that application is an iPhone app. It seems that everything is geared to work seamlessly with the iPhone.

    There are applications that I want that are only on the iPhone - Weight Watchers. There are others that are only on the iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile - eWallet, Live365.

    The iPhone have huge internal storage. If the rumors about the specs of the iPhone 4.0 is true than I can truly have one mobile device for my needs - Multitasking and 64g of internal storage.
    01-26-2010 11:50 AM