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    Hello there,

    So, last night, I decided that I should install ICS onto my Samsung Galaxy Gio s5660m. I mean, why not right!?

    I've had my phone rooted (Gingerbread 2.3.6) for some amount of months now; ClockworkMod Recovery was also installed; and finally, ICS and CWM9 was just added last night. I have had absolutely zero problems with the phone upgrading process and the actual new format of everything; which is great! However, when I was completing the android set-up (which you do after a phone has been reset or newly purchased), I noticed something that was not there before the upgrade.

    My service provider is Bell. My current phone plan consist of the basics (Free WIFI, free incoming, unlimited text, free calls after 6pm 'til 7am, etc).

    After the set-up, I restored my apps and I proceeded to browse and scroll through my instagram app. However, I didn't connect to my home's wireless internet. Then, I noticed that there was the "3g" connection bar. Now, I did not have 3g on my phone. I had no data on my plan whatsoever. I couldn't even try to have it. But suddenly, after the installation, I had 3g.

    I looked at my settings and saw "Data usage", I clicked on it, and viewed all this data stuff that I didn't and shouldn't even have.

    So after all this pointless and/or relevant information, my question is: Did upgrading my phone to ICS Android 4.0.4. give me FREE 3g data!? or will I have to pay for it somehow...!?

    I literally have zero idea of what my bill will look like at the end of this month because I don't know if this is free or not. And, of course it shouldn't be, but here's my reasoning; my phone did NOT come with 3g data; my plan does NOT consist of 3g data; and I've NEVER had 3g. So if my phone is listed without 3g data, in the system and on paper...is this...free!?

    07-04-2013 04:57 PM