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    I have a problem where I don't get pictures when I am using facebook chat as my main SMS client.
    I'm on an HTC One, with Sprint, and every time someone sends me a picture, nothing shows up on facebook chat. I have to go into the stock messaging client, and click on "Download" to retrieve the message.

    I tested sending a picture to myself using the stock messaging, and then sitting in the stock messaging screen to see what happens when i receive the text. It seems that the stock messaging client tries to download it once, but fails and doesn't tell me when it fails, so I don't even know that I missed a message until the stock sms client. When I manually download the message, sometimes facebook chat will show it in the text history, sometimes it won't.

    I've tried everything, including a hard reset. Anyone have any ideas?
    07-07-2013 11:36 PM

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