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    Hi everyone,

    I'm very new to rooting and everything, and right now I'm trying to update my Droid Motorola 3 to Android 4.2.2. When I do so, following this guide;
    Update Motorola Droid 3 XT862 To Android 4.2.2 Using AOKP Build 4 Custom ROM, I receive this error.

     Installing: /emmc/aokp_spyder_jb_mr1_build-4.zip
    Finding update package. . .
    Opening update package. . .
    Installing update. . .
    set_perm: some changes failed
    E:Error in /emmc/aokp_spyder_jb_mr1_build-4.zip
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted.
    I followed the directions perfectly, except I chose choose zip from internal sdcard instead from choose zip from sdcard, as it was on my internal. How can I fix this?
    07-08-2013 01:41 PM

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