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    Verizon Samsung Galaxy 4 with 64 gig Samsung sd card.

    Wanting different fonts, more fonts, I started looking for things like Tahoma, Roboto etc. I downloaded one large apk file from the Playstore and another large apk file from XDA developers. I tried several installers. I placed the apk files on the external SD card and when that didn't work, I placed it on the emulated 0. I also checked Unknown Sources.

    What has happened is that ALL the font files have downloaded their names in settings/dislplay/fonts, and they offer to change the font. But when I say yes, 95% turn up with a blank line and a box that says the apk file is not valid and cannot be installed.

    Now I have TWO problems: one is that I don't understand why this many files are "not valid". But now I also have a list of over 50 fonts in my choose fonts, it takes a while to load - and most of them don't work. They are not listed in Apps. so I can't remove them that way. I tried to look over the phone using ES Explorer and also using a wifi program and trying to look into nooks and crannies. Does anyone know where I might find this enormous list so that I can at least delete the long list of fonts that aren't working? Or, do you know why the apks are seen as faulty?

    But truly, right now, except for a few fonts I'd really like and don't seem available, I'd like to be able to clean up the list of approximately 50 fonts that aren't there.

    Thanks for any and all help and suggestions.
    07-14-2013 02:55 AM

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