08-05-2018 08:20 AM
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  1. Gnar Gnar's Avatar
    09-07-2015 09:43 AM
  2. roiyak's Avatar
    09-14-2015 05:34 PM
  3. JackShevis's Avatar
    I use Chrome on the computer and phone,but Firefox more stable on pc.
    10-03-2015 04:45 PM
  4. ptkelly's Avatar
    I use Chrome on my Windows 10 desktop, Chrome on my Chromebook, and Firefox Focus on my Android phone.
    09-07-2017 12:13 PM
  5. stodge's Avatar
    Chrome on my Chromebook and desktop but I recently started using the Brave browser on my Android phone. I used to use Opera on my phone but the pinch-zoom feature sucks. I got tired of not being able to remove ads in Chrome on Android.
    08-05-2018 08:20 AM
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