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  1. IG 88's Avatar
    So I have a Nexus 4, and today I foolishly decided to let it go and update itself to Androids new 4.3 version. When I rebooted it to my dismay it had overruled my preference for Google Play Music not to update itself and it went and updated that to the new horrible orange/white layout (version 5) which has a terrible UI. About 2 months ago when it first came out I tried it for a few days and just hated it, so I always used to go and uninstall updates for Play Music if it accidentally updated itself. This was done by going into settings>apps>all apps and choosing Google Play Music and then selecting "uninstall updates". The black/blue version (can't remember the version no. think it was 4.3 or whatever came with the Nexus 4 straight out of the box) is in my opinion the superior, and easier to use version. But now with 4.3 I go into that SAME menu and there is NO "uninstall updates" button!?This is actually rage inducing.

    I have included a link to a screenshot to show the place where the uninstall updates button SHOULD be but isn't. It was previously next to the "force stop" button. Does anyone know how to return this version of google play music to its previous incarnation as it's driving me mad?
    Attached Thumbnails Cannot uninstall updates for Google Play Music on Android 4.3?-screenshot_2013-07-26-20-59-29-1-.png  
    07-26-2013 03:26 PM
  2. zorak950's Avatar
    Uninstalling updates restores the version of an app that is "baked in" to your device's operating system. This is possible because apps included out of the box on a device are stored on the protected system partition, so any updates you apply to them through the Play Store (or other source) are installed alongside these originals rather than overwriting them. As a result, removing the newer version causes your device to revert to the system app.

    When you install an OS update, however, the system partition app versions are generally updated to whatever their latest iterations were when the OS version was put together. You can still uninstall future updates, but you can't go back to a version earlier than that baked in to the OS.

    Old APKs are available online, but to my understanding you will have to root your phone and remove the more-recent version now on your system partition before you can use an older version of the app. I haven't ever done this, though, so that may be incorrect.
    07-26-2013 06:45 PM
  3. TechTinker's Avatar
    Try google or XDA, google will probably lead to XDA. I believe the last version 4.3.615, but altleast thats when expandable notifications were added to the app. I used to update the play store through APK, it was simple download and install, not sure about Play music though, I assume its the same.

    Edit: Heres a link, [APP] Google Play Music 4.3.615 - xda-developers. Hope thats allowed.
    07-26-2013 07:14 PM
  4. IG 88's Avatar
    Thanks guys, this app is pretty unuseable at the moment. I have never had an android phone before so TechTinker could you explain to me in possibly noob terms how I'd go about installing the previous apk file of this app? I don't want to ruin it by doing the wrong thing and corrupting any system files etc.
    07-27-2013 11:37 AM
  5. patruns's Avatar
    Before you go attempting to dissect your phone, you might want to consider the possibility that the older apps are not compatible with 4.3. Your app got updated because it is part of the whole 4.3 package, it was not an individual update.
    07-27-2013 12:55 PM
  6. TechTinker's Avatar
    Well if it installs like the playstore heres what you do (I assume it does b.c it dosent give intstuctions.)
    Go to your settings, go to your security settins and check unkown sources.
    Visit the link on your phone, and click download, it should show your progess in the notification bar, the file name might be a little weird.
    Then once its done, click on it, then click install.

    @Patruns, pretty sure its compatible.
    07-27-2013 08:38 PM
  7. IG 88's Avatar
    Well I tried installing it just now but it just says "app not installed". I'm not really sure what to do now, would it mean having to root this phone and try another way?
    07-28-2013 09:50 AM
  8. TechTinker's Avatar
    You might have to be rooted, not sure. I've been for so long I forgot that I was.
    Uhm so I think you should post on XDA, because I don't know. I reccomend just using the new version for now. if you can.
    Nexus 4 General - xda-developers
    07-28-2013 02:31 PM
  9. IG 88's Avatar
    Oh well mine isn't rooted so maybe. But I should probably ask there then thanks for the advice
    07-29-2013 12:06 PM

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