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    Android devices have kept me sane while health problems have prevented me using pc or laptop. I cut my teeth with Android 2.3 on Smartphone 2. Recently upgraded to a cheap but cheerful 7" "MID" branded tablet, forty quid new on Ebay. Cortex8. 1.5 GHz single processor, 4 GB internal, 512 MB RAM and running Android 4.0.3. I patrol Ebay as a member of various collectors' clubs and download images of any items of interest (a classic car, for example) for upload later to the club's database. Compared with Windows XP, Android seems very reluctant to "capture" web images. On Ebay I seem only to be able to get medium resolution images, best ever was a very mediocre 27 KB. It won't take the full size expanded view, I've tapped and tappd on the screen till I thought it would break! I managd to capture a 1 MB image off Google as a experiment. But lots of Google pics now refuse to download - possibly to stop people getting copyright stuff for free. How good is Android with images - does it have some sort of "media" software built-in? Is it because my machine is just not powerful enough? Should I try something like Photobucket? Or can anyone recommend a really good app that definitely works?
    Many thanks
    07-29-2013 08:51 AM
  2. cliveaintree's Avatar
    Answer - simple, just use another browser. I changed to Fire Fox and problem solved!
    07-30-2013 09:08 AM

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