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    Hey. So I got my new HTC One today. I am in sweden, bought it from a swedish reseller. At the initial setup, when starting phone for 1st time - picking language, Swedish was set to default. However I went into the language option and picked english, regretted my choice and went back into the language option (still at the initial settings screen), and to my surprise swedish was not available. So I called HTC support, they did a s/n check and told me my HTC One was "grey imported" from EU and not specifically "meant" for sweden.
    Anyways to cut the story short, the support guy at HTC Sweden said IF I were on 4.2.2 (which I am), morelocale2 wont work to switch language BUT there is another way to do it, some workaround, but that he was no longer, due to company policy allowed to explain how (DUH). He hinted that I needed to reset some app, make it "forget" where the phone is (locationwise). After some googling and reading at XDA, I found this info:

    "Have you try this:

    Go to Settings - Apps - All - Customization Settings Provider - Disable it

    Then go to Language & keyboard - System Language - Select your language


    Go to Settings - Apps - All - Customization Settings Provider - Enable it again

    You're done."

    The problem is that the "Customization Settings Provider" is not on the app list. Can someone please guide me what to do? Whatīs the app I need to disable to reset the location/language?

    /Regards Matt

    Found a way to make morelocale2 work, using the developer option, changing permissions.
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    09-13-2013 04:40 PM
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    Thanks for the tip!
    04-16-2015 11:25 PM

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