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    I recently updated my Galaxy Tab 7.0 P-3100 from ICS to JB 4.2.2 using odin and the update process was successful but the tab keep on restarting on it's own and it's make it unusable so I did reset factory settings and it runs OK for about 3 days and suddenly it restarted for no reason but it just one time and the day after it restarted about 3 times and it's increasing every day and know it restarting about 20 times a day.
    So I decided to wipe the cache partition by going in safe mode and chose wipe cache partition and hit the power button hopefully it will solve the restarting problem but it shows an error after 5 second of the beginning the erasing process.

    Is there any way to make it stop this restarting loop?
    10-20-2013 07:11 PM

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