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    I've been googling this all day now, but nothing fixes my problem. So I'm asking you guys.
    I've had padfone since august, and it was awesome, but had some 3g and networking problems, guess it didn't want to cooperate with the SIM card... IDK, I don't care, sent it with warranty to repair, and it came back yesterday. They say they had changed the motherboard. And I know phones enough to know that the motherboard IS the phone. Nonetheless, 3g and general networking problems were solved, BUT, they gave me back the phone with Android version 4.0.4. For the record, I sent a phone with 4.1.x version.

    And now I can't update my phone. Update check says, qouting: "There is no update currently available for your device." And I mean wtf?! 4.0 was actual in the 2012, what do you mean no updates available? And then I googled but there are not many results for padfone 2, and I tried disabling a few apps, including DMC and CMC, restarting the phone, restoring the phone, ... all in all... no joy. So what can I do? The phone is not rooted (the terminal app shows "$" instead of "#"). I've tried updating through both wifi and 3g... nope, can't... won't... what can I do? can I install it externally? Also, I can access that recovery mode while booting and it has an option for external update install. can I use that?

    Thank you very much guys.
    11-12-2013 03:30 PM

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