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    On my Nexus 5 phone running Android 4.4, it seems that calendar event alerts get grouped together in one line on the notification menu after their time has passed, such as in this screenshot:

    Possible to dismiss an individual event from the Calendar Notifications list?-android-screenshot-notification-menu.png

    (Each alert appears on its own line on this screen if its event time hasn't passed yet). Dismissing them all at the same time is really easy, which is done by either:

    1. from the above notification menu, swiping to the right over the entry that groups the events together.
    2. tapping on this event grouping entry to then display the Calendar notifications list, and then tapping the "Dismiss all" text at the bottom, like in this screenshot:

    Possible to dismiss an individual event from the Calendar Notifications list?-android-screenshot-calendar-notification-list.png

    I'd like to dismiss individual event notifications from the calendar notification list seen in option #2 above, for those times when I get a couple activities done but not all at once. I see no way to do that, though, other than to tap on each event, which then pulls up its full calendar entry, and then tapping the back button, which brings me to my full calendar view, and then going back into the notification menu, selecting the grouped events entry again, and repeating. Swiping to the right over an individual entry on the calendar notifications list does nothing.

    Is there a quicker way to remove select entries directly from the calendar notification list that I'm missing? On my old Android 2.3 phone (a Droid X), I could mark a little checkbox next to each entry on its calendar notification list and dismiss only selected reminders, but I see no way to do that in Android 4.4. Granted, that may have been a feature that Motorola put on top of Android 2.3, but I used it all the time, and it's driving me crazy that I can't figure out how to do the same thing here. If I get behind on my reminders and have, say, 1 of 6 that I still need to do and don't want to dismiss, it's a real pain to do so.

    Thanks for any help!
    12-05-2013 12:37 PM
  2. Indywar2's Avatar
    Did you ever find the answer to your question? I have the same problem on my LG G5 and it is thoroughly frustrating. Maybe I am not using the calendar app correctly, but I like to use the notifications as a to do list reminder (for specific days) and dismissing individuals event notifications would be of great value.

    01-29-2019 08:50 AM

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