1. oven's Avatar
    I get a message saying "Google Maps does not have permission to use your location"
    I try and follow the directions under "help"
    HTC location information is turned on as is Google location information.
    I have had the phone for a few months but never used anything requiring location (my cars have navigation, I don't really need it on my phone)
    Phone is HTC One, the phones OS and all the Google software has been updated. The location on the start screen has never been accurate (I leave my home in town X, arrive in city Y, phone still shows town X as my location until some period of time elapses. This is generally a non issue, because I know where I am)
    I have spent several hours searching this forum and Google Groups looking for answers.
    12-18-2013 01:54 AM
  2. Haalcyon's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central.

    You've entered the Phantom Zone. Part of you can be located and the other part is in a new dimension. We've seen this before. Not sure if there's a cure though.
    12-18-2013 09:03 AM
  3. oven's Avatar
    Fantastic!!. This phenomenon dovetails nicely with a dream I had the other night. Actually I turned the phone off overnight and seemed to work OK this AM.
    12-18-2013 07:33 PM
  4. Haalcyon's Avatar

    Optimus G Pro
    12-18-2013 07:45 PM

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