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    I recently rooted my galaxy rush< tedious is the task to a noob like myself. I have discovered the advantages of rooting... I do have a question which I did first try to google. I am wondering if there are any obselete apps on my new device... which are they? One more thing is I downloaded the Android Terminal Emulator... typed su yet get no allowance to proceed in order to mount-0 remount,rw-tyaffs2/dev/block/mtdblk3/syste.... to then ls/system/app..... to rm/sytem/app.... i get no blue screen at all. I have researched and found nothing...at least that I could understand.I have managed to turn my rush into a tethere wireless and us hotspot using a beta wifi tether app 3.3 pre2 from ggogle code page. I useclean master to temporarily fix ram busting at seems thus my reason for lookin for obsolete applications to remove. It took lots of moxie for me to put my kiddie noob neck on the block.... someone please assist me. I am getting better and studying all fields of my new addiction.... november of 2012 I started. I feel I am progressing quite rapidly... I am man enough to know when to consult someone with more experience. Thank you sorry so long... it was my first post. Oh I rooted it to m830 jb4.12.2:
    01-03-2014 11:38 PM

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