1. David Watkinson's Avatar
    Hello everyone I am using a locally made make of phone called a Firefly. My last phone was a samsung, which was way too small and too slow.

    When I first added my google account to my andoid phone, I thought nothing of it syncing the contacts. I did not realize that google had kindly created a contact for every single person I had ever emailed in my entire life. For most people, I am sure that this is quite an accurate list, but I manage a business, so I get lots of emails from people and systems that I never need on my phone.

    When I first noticed this, I disabled syncing of contacts and manually removed all the contacts from my phonebook. This left me with a nice neat list of contacts. Great. But... When I go to send a text message and add a recipient, I am displayed with a gigantic list of thousands of contacts, most of whom are email addresses and at least 98% of whom are people I would never ever want to send a text message to.

    I have searched everywhere, but can not find any way to access this contact list within my phone so I can clean it.
    The only solution I have been able to find is to first delete all contacts from google, then enable sync, then disable sync after it completes. This is really not ideal as I need these contacts in my google account, but not on my phone.

    Thanks so much for any suggestions you can offer.
    02-18-2014 09:48 PM
  2. Mike Klaphake's Avatar
    Had the same issue and came across a thread from 3 years ago that helped me figure this out.

    Log into Gmail from your Web browser. Go to contacts. Scroll down the list of contacts on the left side menu. Below all of your Circles is a menu item called "Other Contacts". Delete those. That should take care of it.

    You should also then go under your Gmail Settings, under the General tab, and towards the bottom change the setting for "Create contacts for auto-complete:" to select "I'll add contacts myself"

    My SMS contact list is now clean, but it still includes what appears to be all of my Facebook contacts as well. Not perfect, but its better than showing 1000 contacts many of whom I have no idea who they are.
    02-20-2014 07:07 AM

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