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    I have a MICROMAX P650 Tablet. The Android version is 4.2.1. Internal memory is 1 GB and ROM is
    16 GB. Memory card support is expandable upto 32 GB. I have added a memory card, Transcend 8GB, class 4.
    I wish to have password protected folders or vaults in the Memory card. The following had been my efforts and results:
    1. Password protected Zip folders (7Zip) in memory card do not open. I get the message, File format is not supported.
    2. I downloaded an app Hide Files and Folders and moved it to the memory card. While documents and picture files hidden in this app do open, videos and folders do not. And the message is that the File format is not supported.
    3. I downloaded another app EDS Lite(another folder hiding app) but it could not be moved to the memory card. If I hide folders in this app, the files / folders would reside in Internal memory and NOT in the memory card. (This is, of course, my guess.)
    3. I downloaded Truecrypt to my Win 7 Notebook, created a volume with password and moved it to Memory card. But the volume itself does not open it says that the Password is incorrect. I also downloaded Truecrypt directly to the tablets Internal memory. But I could not create a volume. Also tried the Traveller mode but no success.
    My requirement is to password-protect FOLDERS stored in the Memory card (with or without encryption). The folders would contain docs, Pics, PPT and Videos. I should be able to open the folders and then the individual files. My preference would be to hide only the folders or vaults containing folders. If you would recommend password-protecting the entire memory card, that approach is also welcome.
    Please help me with your advice. Remember I am a senior citizen and a NON-techie. Hence detailed and step-by-step guidance would help me. Thanks in advance and regards.
    Natarajan, Chennai, India. ( e-mail: msnataraj2003@yahoo.com)
    03-12-2014 09:07 AM

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