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    Struggling to get Outlook.com contacts ("People") to both a Gingerbread phone and a Jelly Bean tablet.
    Using EAS on both devices, the big unsolved issue is Groups: on the Gingerbread phone, I can't include outlook.com (EAS) contacts in the phone Groups, but Groups created in Outlook.com (People) do get replicated via EAS, with their membership (EAS synced groups appear separately under a EAS heading in the Groups list); but on the Jelly Bean tablet it's the opposite: I can include EAS synced Outlook.com contacts in the device Groups, but Groups created in Outlook.com (People) don't get replicated via EAS (EAS groups do NOT show up in the Groups list) ! So it looks like there is no way to have usable two-way sync of Groups containing Outlook.com contacts between these two devices !
    Or am I missing a point ?
    03-19-2014 04:16 AM

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