1. jdon5555's Avatar
    I am baffled that I can't find anything that talks about this issue already, but is there really no way to sort images or shopping results when using the official google search app???

    Scenario: I type, "phone cases" into the main search bar on my nexus 5 to find a case to buy. A bunch of results pop up. I slide the little tabs at the bottom to shopping to only show shopping results, now I am shown a list of mixed arbitrary results and sponsored results with an option halfway through the list to view by price range or brand. This can't be useful to anyone can it? I can't sort by highest rating, or lowest price?? Are we supposed to just wad through the list of results that google choses every time and hope you find something good enough? The issues is similar when image searching.

    The basic sorting options and filters that are part of the desktop Google site's functionality, should not be excluded from the mobile experience. It's almost as if google doesn't want people to find anything. Baffling right???

    03-21-2014 12:30 PM
  2. zkSharks's Avatar
    Unfortunately you're correct that the Search app itself doesn't provide search tools to sort or filter your results. The Google mobile site does, however:

    The options can be found by either using the 'Refine' button when present, or by using the small drop-down arrow and selecting 'Search tools'.
    03-21-2014 03:07 PM
  3. Blue Dog1's Avatar
    You type "phone cases" into Google and complain the search results aren't specific enough? How about typing something less generic.
    08-06-2016 05:41 PM

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