1. Andy Birkett's Avatar

    Since I got Kitkat on my S4, UK, on Orange/EE, the weather widget has been behaving strangely. It's set to my location correctly but every so often when I turn on the phone, or just unlock it, the temperature has shot up to 35 to 50 degrees Celsius. The real temperatures the last few days have been between 0 and 8 Celsius. It might randomly be displaying Fahrenheit I suppose, but the settings are set to Celsius, and refreshing the widget puts it back to the right temperature, in C. It's not every time but it is regular.

    Any ideas anyone?

    03-24-2014 12:15 PM
  2. harrymackm1's Avatar
    I am having the exact same problem with my s4. IT shows 40-50 degrees Celsius in the UK... When you manually refresh it, goes back to the correct temperature. Sorry I couldn't offer a solution, just saying I have the exact same problem. I have checked for software updates to see if Samsung have noticed and have added a patch to the update; no joy in checking the updates.

    03-30-2014 04:57 AM
  3. Jason Hermans's Avatar
    I also have the same problem

    Does anyone have a solution?
    01-28-2015 04:19 AM

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