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    Hi, I've seen my question asked around before, and never actually found an answer... (maybe it's just not possible?)

    In my contacts, I've chosen to see only my contacts with a phone number.
    However, when I write an SMS, in the contact list over there I get my whole email contact list, including addresses I've used maybe once in 2005.

    What can I do to also only see contacts with a phone number when I sms? (why would I even want an email address when I sms?)

    As I have the world's slowest android (galaxy ace II), I'm ideally looking for a simple setting solution, rather than another app (but if another app is the only solution, so be it...)

    Thanks in advance

    ETA: I don't actually want to remove my email contacts from my phone. I understand I could just unsync my contacts and delete them from my phone, but then I wouldn't have my email addresses when I send emails. I just want them to NOT appear when I send a text message.
    03-25-2014 12:43 PM

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